eSata vs Usb 3.0 | The Speed Factor

eSata made it’s debut as an extension for one most the most popular data transfer technology, SATA. On the other hand, USB 3.0 is on it’s way to the top. So you might be wondering which one to choose for your device

eSata vs Usb 3.0 | Speed and Performance

Usb 3.0 was much of an overhaul of USB 2.0 in terms of speed and performance. It now supports speeds upto 5 GB/sec almost 11 times that of old school USB 2.0 which hardly reached 500 MB/sec.

While on the other hand, eSata finishes the marathon first with bandwidth clocked nearly 6 GB/ sec. But in practical, there won’t much speed variation. eSata handles data writing a little faster than USB but loses to it at reading data.
One point that should be noted before deciding on choosing between eSata and USB 3.0 is backward compatibility. USB 3.0 port does support older devices compatible with USB 2.0.

Here’s a video which brings out comparison between eSata and USB 3.0 in terms of speed and performance

eSata to USB 3.0 Conversion

Harness the performance of USB 3.0 by accessing a device with eSata port. Newertech launched an intuitive product for eSata to USB 3.0 Conversion through a simple Plug and Play style adapter
Bandwidths upto 3 GB/S, Compatible with Windows and MAC